My ongoing goal is to learn something new every day.

I hope I do not sound pretentious when I say that. But, really, ever since I have turned my back on a career in the family business (everyone in my family is a health care member), I promised myself that apart from pursuing my passion for reading, writing and constantly trying arts, I will learn something new every day. Something new. No matter how small, how tiny, any skill, any piece of wisdom. I will learn it. Thus, when I entered the world of academia and decided to pursue my love for kids, I made it my business to be like a sponge.

And by “like a sponge” I meant ABSORB every single piece of information that could help me become a better version of myself. I have been blessed to have co-workers who taught me the ropes of doing my job. I like to think I am pretty much decent when it comes to it. So far, I have what I called the “Mika Babies” a group of children who were my students and who have made progress. Some, I taught how to hold a pencil correctly, some I tutored until 7th grade, some, were able to read, spell, and express themselves better verbally.

So this quarantine period, I decided to have this blog, so I could have an outlet for my book reviews with side pieces of my rants, raves and other stuff. i also decided to go back to writing and began writing stuff with my friends and for my friends. And not contented with that, I decided to sign up for online courses.

I went ahead and signed up for courses at Coursera and attend lectures, copy notes and take tests. Currently I have two courses: Greek and Roman Mythology (this, because I love mythology) and the other is called Supporting Children with Difficulties in Reading and Writing (I want to learn more and become a better teacher to my students). Aside from doing online courses, I also went back to my Duolingo to brush up on my Spanish. I have been forever studying Spanish but life always interrupts me. So I guess this is my chance to further learn more, hopefully become fluent in Spanish.

I do not like to study, but I find that I missed doing so. I can still remember juggling work with review last year. It had become part of my routine to go to a coffee shop and revise notes as a form of studying. But I do love to learn. So here it goes:

I hate to study, but I love to learn. I want to learn more things. I want to learn more knowledge and acquire more skills.

Photo taken from: https://pin.it/zYbrZ7f