Quick Update!

So, it’s been quite awhile since my last post and I am sorry about that. I have been quite busy trying to acclimatize and adjust to the new normal, which includes going out of the house wearing mask and using bags that are easily disinfected without therm damaging easily and working differently. I now work online every day and report to work twice a week (Wednesdays and Thursdays). On top of that, I have discovered at least two more things online that I find myself gravitating towards — so much that I have added them to my routine. Let me discuss them separately this week.

For now, please, please stay home if you can and only leave whenever necessary. Also, wear a mask! Wear a mask because this pandemic looks like it won’t go away so soon and this pandemic really brought out the worst in us, humans. Sigh.


My ongoing goal is to learn something new every day.

I hope I do not sound pretentious when I say that. But, really, ever since I have turned my back on a career in the family business (everyone in my family is a health care member), I promised myself that apart from pursuing my passion for reading, writing and constantly trying arts, I will learn something new every day. Something new. No matter how small, how tiny, any skill, any piece of wisdom. I will learn it. Thus, when I entered the world of academia and decided to pursue my love for kids, I made it my business to be like a sponge.

And by “like a sponge” I meant ABSORB every single piece of information that could help me become a better version of myself. I have been blessed to have co-workers who taught me the ropes of doing my job. I like to think I am pretty much decent when it comes to it. So far, I have what I called the “Mika Babies” a group of children who were my students and who have made progress. Some, I taught how to hold a pencil correctly, some I tutored until 7th grade, some, were able to read, spell, and express themselves better verbally.

So this quarantine period, I decided to have this blog, so I could have an outlet for my book reviews with side pieces of my rants, raves and other stuff. i also decided to go back to writing and began writing stuff with my friends and for my friends. And not contented with that, I decided to sign up for online courses.

I went ahead and signed up for courses at Coursera and attend lectures, copy notes and take tests. Currently I have two courses: Greek and Roman Mythology (this, because I love mythology) and the other is called Supporting Children with Difficulties in Reading and Writing (I want to learn more and become a better teacher to my students). Aside from doing online courses, I also went back to my Duolingo to brush up on my Spanish. I have been forever studying Spanish but life always interrupts me. So I guess this is my chance to further learn more, hopefully become fluent in Spanish.

I do not like to study, but I find that I missed doing so. I can still remember juggling work with review last year. It had become part of my routine to go to a coffee shop and revise notes as a form of studying. But I do love to learn. So here it goes:

I hate to study, but I love to learn. I want to learn more things. I want to learn more knowledge and acquire more skills.

Photo taken from: https://pin.it/zYbrZ7f

Hello World.

Hello everyone!

You can call me Mika, because everybody does. This isn’t my first attempt to blog, but I am definitely picking up blogging with the hopes, that this time I will really be updating it 2-3 times a week or maybe just weekly. I was born, raised and grew up in the Philippines, a teacher and a human with many different interests such as writing stuff, reading books, watching movies and TV shows, watching football (maybe this is soccer for you) and trying to stay creative because my brain craves for it. Maybe I will add a list of everything I love and hate soon, so you’ll get to know me more.

I intend to post anything under the sun from book reviews (some I have already read but wrote a review in the notes section of my phone or iPad) to football matches, random trips, a day in the life of my profession, and anything I could think of, really.