Book Review: Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later

Photo from: Instagram: @mikagatsby

I have been an avid reader and fan of Sweet Valley High, and even read about them in middle school. I can basically remember eyeing the book collection about Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield in the library of my school and of course, as a bookworm, I couldn’t wait to borrow and go through them. This series, along with a couple of others such as Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys, is a huge part of my childhood.

But despite it belonging in my childhood, I couldn’t help but pick the book up and buy it. Yes, there are little parts of me that are both nostalgic and sentimental. Besides, one of the local bookstores in the mall my friends and I are were at had the book on sale. I picked it up, paid for it and took it home. And as per routine: I covered the book and began reading it. So, here goes my review.

The story begins in New York, where Elizabeth Wakefield is currently living in and working as a magazine writer. As I pressed on to read, I found out what events led to Elizabeth living her life in New York and away from her twin sister, the rest of the family and her friends.

In true Sweet Valley fashion, I read about a drama between Elizabeth and Jessica, their friends and family. I met new characters and reacquainted myself with familiar ones such as Bruce Patman, Steven Wakefield (I found out something about him in this book which may or may not shock you, but oh well, I stan, anyway).

There were a couple of negative reviews about this book, but because I never judge a book until I read it, I went ahead and read it anyway. Overall, I find the book nostalgic and a huge follow up to my running question: What happens to the twins when they grow older?

SPOILER ALERT: One of the twins really grew up and change. But I guess, that’s just one of the most realistic parts of this book.

Rating: 3/5 stars. Let me know what you think?